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What's Cool About It?

Just about everything! 

Whether you're practical or creative, male or female, there's a career for you to investigate in the construction industry.

Variety and satisfaction

You'll definitely become part of something big, with the potential to be part of some of the tallest, deepest, widest, longest and most expensive man-made structures in the world.

Bridges. Tunnels. Roadworks. Railways. Homes. Hospitals. Airports. Arcades. Skyscrapers. Highways. Warehouses. Apartments. Resorts. Stadiums. Factories. Harbours. Lighthouses. Schools. Shops. They all need people to conceptualise, design, harmonise and build their interior and exterior features as part of a sustainable lifestyle.

Each building site is unique, and even if you specialise in providing a certain skill, your working conditions, tools and technologies will differ from project to project, giving you the best antidote around to workplace boredom. You might apply your specialist skills and knowledge to build a young family's first home today, and then leave your mark on the brand new, world class Perth Children's Hospital tomorrow.

Your efforts will be on display for years to come and, with great satisfaction, you can stand back and say "I helped build that".

No other industry can offer you a bigger range of opportunities and you'll get to work with teams of designers, engineers, builders, schedulers, estimators, tradespeople and supervisors as part of the wider variety of people it takes to bring each project to life.

Get out!!!!

....out doors, that is. Sitting at a desk in front of a screen can be part of an office worker's every day life. If this isn't for you, the construction industry can give you the scope you're looking for to be outdoors and moving around from site to site. WA is a big State and there's construction opportunities in the north, south, east and west. Inner city this week, new urban housing estate next week and then next month, there's a job to do in a regional town. It could be a million dollar mansion, renovation of a heritage building, suburban shopping centre fit-out or the Perth Waterfront project. No other industry can offer the same variety.


A career in construction lets you create the balance you want for work and leisure time. Whilst there are some standard nine-to-five jobs in the industry, there’s also plenty where you are able to design your own day and choose your working schedule.

Working smart and working hard is the key. Most people in construction start early in the day but then knock off early too. This allows for enough time to spend with family, friends, sport, leisure and for pursuing other interests.

Western Australia has world class training in construction and our construction standards are second-to-none. This means that WA expertise is a fantastic asset if you like the idea of working interstate or overseas. If you want to travel after you've qualified, you can often fit your plans in between construction projects or even work on construction projects elsewhere in the world.

.....and earning potential

Money isn’t everything but it can be an important part in establishing a comfortable lifestyle. Many jobs in construction are well paid and there are excellent opportunities in the industry for people who want to ramp up their income and advance their career. 

Trade qualifications, for example, can lead to higher paying jobs and more lucrative career pathways than some university degrees. The great thing about the trade pathway to a job at the top is that an apprentice gets paid from the very beginning of their training, with pay rates increasing each year!

.....and no 12 hour shifts!

There are some very high paying jobs in other industries, which can be pretty attractive. But there's always a price to pay. Most of these very high-paying jobs are in remote parts of WA and require you to work to a 12 hour shift roster, in some cases up to 14 days straight. Day or night shift, you could be working 168 hours over a fortnight. You might get seven days off afterwards, but when you're back home, you'll still only catch friends and family when they've finished their work for the day.

Not to mention the long waits at airports, flights to and from airfields and then maybe a cramped bus ride on an unsealed road to your final destination. You might have a nice, airconditioned transportable room of your own which after 12 hours straight is where you'll likely spend most of your time. But, there's no freedom to escape for a quick surf down the local cafe, no local restaurant, no local cinema, no local shop, no local......anything.

It's a lifestyle with a lot of personal compromise.....

Choose your own adventure - career development and leadership

With  relevant skills, qualifications and experience, you can choose your own adventure within the construction industry. Check out some of the real people for what can be achieved personally and professionally.

There are many supervisory and leadership roles across the housing, commercial and civil sectors of the industry, with excellent opportunities for advancement within WA, nationally and internationally. Some construction companies have operations interstate or overseas and can offer great chances to combine skills and travel whist gaining valuable experience to help build your career.

The construction industry has the highest number of self-employed people, providing plenty of opportunity to take charge. Apart from being your own boss, you can also lead whole teams and even companies.

Many construction tradespeople and professionals start out working for someone else; but after a few years developing valuable experience, they set up their own company and become sub-contractors.

As an independent operator, you control your working schedule and your lifestyle. You can stay small, or expand your business, employ others and build a construction empire from the ground up. Some of the best known and most successful construction businesses in WA started this way.

This level of leadership and responsibility brings its own challenges and plenty of extra rewards......but the most important thing with leadership is the opportunity to make a difference and to work with lots of different people and help them develop their careers as well.