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School Based Programs

You can get a great head start in a construction career whilst you're still at school, starting in Year 9 & 10. 

You learn a range of key skills when you're at school and it's important to remember that these skills will help you to successfully enter a career pathway in the construction industry. Check out these key skills here.


The Construction Training Fund can provide your school with the opportunity to enrol you as part of a group of Year 9 and 10 students in a Try-A-Trade course, at no cost to the you or the school. 

Try-A-Trade gives you some hands-on experience with a range of different trades, most often packaged together over three days. Each Try-A-Trade course is delivered by professional lecturers who guide you through practical activities and teach key trade skills.

Talk to your careers coordinator to find out if your school has made a booking for a Try-A-Trade course, and see if you can take part.

Years 11 & 12

Students who enjoyed Try-A-Trade courses in the past have said that the course helped confirm their decision to follow a construction pathway and to make the choice to do a construction VET qualification in Year 11.

Here's what you can choose from

  • Certificate II in Building and Construction Trades Pathway is your best start if you're looking to get an apprenticeship in a construction trade. 
  • Cert II Building and Construction Business Pathway is the best way of starting a career in some of the office-based roles in the building industry. You could be on your way to being a scheduler, estimator or supervisor, among others.
  • Certificate II Civil Construction 
  • Certificate II in Plumbing

Each of the Certificate II qualifications when done at school offer the following benefits

  • practical skills training
  • work experience placement
  • 4 units towards WACE
  • opportunity to practice and demonstrate your key skills from schools

You can read more about these qualifications under Schools2Skills on this page, or talk to your careers coordinator about how you can enrol when you are in Year 11.

Bonus scholarships

When you successfully complete the Certificate II in Building and Construction (through either pathway), the Certificate II in Civil Construction or the Certificate II in Plumbing, you will be eligible to apply for a $250 scholarship from the Construction Training Fund.

You can even complete the Trades or Para-professional pathway as a School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship (SBA/SBT) and get paid during your training!

Entry into the construction industry

Apprenticeships and traineeships
If your goal is an apprenticeship or traineeship, you can maximise your chances of success by completing a recognised Schools2Skills course in Years 11 & 12, such as the new Certificate II in Building and Construction (Trades Pathway) or the Cert II Civil Construction. PLUS you could also end up with credit and reduced time in an apprenticeship!

You can read more about apprenticeship training, including pre-apprenticeships here.

Further education
Para-Professional occupations in the construction industry often don't receive the attention they deserve. Most people recognise that tradespeople build the structures designed by Architects and Engineers, but few people understand the value of the people in between - the ones who can make it all happen.

Find out about some of the Business occupations available and then think about how the Certificate II in Building and Construction (Business Pathway) can help you become one of the key people in the construction process.

Professional pathway - university entry
Architects, Engineers, Construction Management Economists, Finance Managers, Human Resource Managers.......

Generally, the most direct pathway into these careers is via a university qualification that requires an appropriate ATAR score and prerequisite subjects at Year 12 level.