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School Based Programs

A career in the construction industry can begin at school

VET qualifications delivered for a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) can provide Year 11 and 12 students with skills and experience to prepare them for some key trade and para-professional occupations in the construction industry.

Three Certificate II qualifications will be available to Year 11 & 12 students studying for WACE in WA secondary schools in 2015 and each one offers clear pathways into further training or employment in trade and para-professional occupations.

Trades Pathway (52443WA)
The Trades Pathway provides students with the essential theory, skill and workplace experience for entry into one of eleven construction trades. During the first year of the course (generally Year 11), students will undertake key competencies common to a range of trades and combine this with compulsory, site-based work experience. Please note - students will receive a White Card as part of the training delivered in this course. There is no requirement for schools or individuals to source and pay for white card training.

In the second year (Year 12), students select six trade-specific competencies and combine these with further, compulsory site-based work experience.  Upon successful completion, students will receive the Certificate II in Building and Construction (Trade Pathway).

Business Pathway (52642WA)
The Business pathway provides students with essential skills, knowledge and work experience across Years 11 & 12 that will help towards entry into further study and/or employment in key construction occupations such as estimating, scheduling, administration and residential drafting.

Upon completion, students will be awarded the Certificate II in Building and Construction (Para-Professional Pathway).

Certificate II Civil Construction (RII20713)
The new Cert II in Civil Construction will become available for enrolments in 2015. It will provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge and experience in preparation for careers in a diverse range of occupations in the civil construction sector. This includes earthworks, plant operations, drainage, estimating, surveying and supervision.

Certificate II Plumbing (52700WA)
The Certificate II in Plumbing is also available for enrolments in 2015. it offers theoretical and practical training together with work experience placement for those students interested in pursuing a career in Plumbing & Gasfitting or Roof Plumbing.

Students that successfully complete the new Certificate II in Building and Construction (through either Pathway), the Cert II Civil Construction or the Cert II Plumbing are eligible to apply for a $250 scholarship from the Construction Training Fund. 

School Based Apprenticeship/Traineeship (SBA/SBT)
An SBA is available in some construction trades and SBTs are available in the Cert II Pathways and Civil Construction qualifications. A School Based Apprenticeship allows a student to commence an apprenticeship training contract with an employer on a part-time basis whilst still at school. Like a full-time apprenticeship, an SBA is a legally binding Apprenticeship agreement between an employer, the student and parent/guardian.

More information about SBAs is available on the Apprenticeship Office website.

Wholly School Assessed (WSA) Courses of Study
Another construction related school based program currently available in Year 11 and 12 is the Wholly School Assessed (WSA) Building and Construction course which can provide students with entry requirements for a range of further education studies up to and including university level.

Post school

A pre-apprenticeship is generally a six month, full-time course available through State Training Providers (formerly TAFE colleges) and a range of private training providers. A pre-apprenticeship  provides a Certificate II qualification and may contribute to a reduction in term during apprenticeship training.

Information about pre-apprenticeship enrolments is available from the Career Centre. The Construction Training Fund can also provide a scholarship of $250 to people who successfully complete a recognised pre-apprenticeship. Details on how to apply can be found here.