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Quick Chat with Joshua

We visited Joshua at the Dale Alcock Homes offices recently.

Back in 2004 Joshua was filmed for one of our first career promotions videos whilst he was undertaking a bricklaying apprenticeship. 11 years later and Joshua is now an Estimating Manager for Dale Alcock homes. In 2013 Joshua won employee of the year for Dale Alcock Home Improvements and was nominated for the 2013 ABN Group Employee of the year.

You started your apprenticeship as a bricklayer and you are now an Estimating Manager for Dale Alcock homes – tell us about your progression through to your current role

Wow, it has surely been diverse and very exciting!

From Bricklaying I was employed as a scheduler for Dale Alcock Home Improvements, calculating & ordering materials and labour for our tradespeople on site. It was amazing to see the office side of things, and to share my knowledge of my trade within the business.  After a few years I progressed back out on site, but this time as a Construction Supervisor.  My duties were overseeing and being responsible for all construction works on site, from earthworks right up until handing the keys over to the proud new owners!

Two years later I moved back into the office, accepting an offer to manage the same department in the Home Improvements business that I had started my office career in, and a further 2 years later was given the amazing opportunity to manage the Estimating Department for Dale Alcock Homes. 

What does your role as the Estimating Manager for Dale Alcock homes involve?

Anything and everything involving costs and documentation!

My job is to provide support to my experienced team across our New Homes and Development Solutions divisions.  Their role is to prepare competitive and accurate costs for our clients, then ensuring the delivery of contracts and the job addenda.  These documents in conjunction with the contract drawings then become the work instruction for what our Construction Supervisors and Tradespeople use on site.

I will regularly use my experience from site and working in different areas of the business, to assess how what we are producing will be interpreted by our clients and contractors.

It is paramount to my team that our documentation supports productivity and quality on site.

What is it that you enjoy about working in the WA construction industry / what drew you to it?

Simply, I love building! There is so much about this great industry which keeps me motivated and inspired throughout each stage of my development within it.  I have always loved to be part of a home taking shape and seeing people’s dreams come to life! It is such a tangible and emotive way to feel rewarded from your job.

The diversity of the industry is what keeps me motivated each day.  There is more to learn than anyone could in a lifetime and it supports such a wide variety of crafts and skills.

I have woken up each day with passion and enthusiasm thirsty for what the industry was going to teach me.

What have been the biggest rewards from your career so far?

Definitely the people! The opportunity to see the smiles of our clients as their home took shape, to problem solving with my colleagues, and especially now being part of my team’s growth and development….the reward for me has been this involvement.

I have always put a lot of focus into surrounding myself with the best people.  I have been very fortunate to be part of such an amazing company as Dale Alcock Homes where the focus of the management team is to develop people.

My personal growth and career progression have as a result been the tangible rewards. I have had the opportunity to work hard in a progressive and confident business, through which I have taken on more and more responsibility, growing my knowledge and experience. I’ve heard it said many times….The harder you work, the luckier you get!

What has been the biggest challenge in your construction career?

What I have had to be the most aware of and will always continue to be adaptive to is ‘Change’.

My role has moved from a very hands on role as a tradesperson to more management of systems and processes as my career has progressed.  It is within my nature to want to tackle every problem and get in there and fix in, but real success has come through educating and empowering others to discover these solutions.  The learnings along the way to do this successfully has required an open mind, and being resilient to setbacks.

What are your interests out of work?

I love the outdoors and the West Australian weather. We live in an amazing state!

Any chance I get I will go for a kick of the footy with friends, head down to the beach or take a bush walk, and maybe a quiet fish down by the river.

I am a ‘Green Thumb’ behind the scenes, I enjoy landscaping and gardening.  I have spent considerable time developing my own back yard and helping friends along the way do the same.  My view is to take as much advantage of our blue skies and brilliant sunshine as I can. 

Where do you see your future career?

Easy answer – always within this industry!

It’s a little nostalgic really.  11 years ago I was filming a video promoting the Industry as a keen apprentice, alongside Dale Alcock in the same video.  Now I am working for him and the Dale Alcock business upholding the highest values and culture which this great Brand has been built on.

My future will always be focused on continuous improvement. I will always be searching for new ideas and ways to improve myself both professionally and personally, in the effort that I will pass this knowledge to my teams so they can experience growth and success in their lives.

The Building and Construction Industry will always ensure that I can do that.

A career in the construction industry really does have ‘No Limits’!