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Quick Chat with Alejandra

As a teenager, Alejandra loved designing houses in The Sims. Still only 18 years old, she now does it for a living working as a draftsperson for Celebration Homes.

We wanted to find out all about Alejandra and what led her into the Building and Construction industry. So we sat down with her for a Chat with No Limits!

Tell us about your job and what you do?

I’m a draftee. So I basically go through and draw up the houses that our sales people sell. I will do all the changes that will happen at prestart. Sometimes it’s structural changes but mostly interior– all the little things like relocating a door or cabinetry.

I work with a program called ArchiCAD, working on the floor plan. I also have to do up elevations, internals details and stuff like that. Then I have to dimension everything and make sure it suitable for the construction people. So then it is easy instructions for them to build it.

At the end of the whole process, after final drawings are done, then they take that and they go build!

Have you ever seen final result, houses you have worked on?!

Yeah, we go to display homes a lot, to look at things we have done. The display designer will get our opinion and when the house is built we will go review.

We are going to look at two next week, looking at new things we have tried - like a placement of a door, we’ll see if it worked – we are testing it out and thinking of new ideas.

What is it about this job that gets you out of bed in the morning?

I love doing it, I love being able to help build a home. And I get to offer my opinions, I can tell people ‘you should do this, this will make is better’. I’m helping someone build their home.

Also the people I work with are really friendly, it’s like family, they are so nice, if you haven’t noticed?

We have, it seems like a great place to work! And so how did you get into this and end up here?

In year 10 I went to the Skills West Expo and spoke to someone from the Construction Training Fund. I asked if there was anything they could recommend, something like architecture, and the guy mentioned a new program, which led to a qualification in building and construction, a para-professional, Cert II.  So in year 11 I started doing the course. Then I had my work experience placement at Home Group WA and I got to start actually doing what I was being taught.

Having the opportunity to do work experience really helped me; I got to see if I really liked it. I got to trial things like using ArchiCAD; it was fun!

Then at the end of Year 12, I went back to the CTF for advice about getting a job and they were really helpful and helped me get my resume out there. Celebration Homes gave me an interview and they took me in!

What do you love most about the job?

I guess being able to do what I like which is, designing things. But also, knowing what I am doing.

You feel like you’re an expert….

Yeah for my age I feel like I know a lot about it.

And that’s such a good feeling….

Yeah it is! And I get told a lot ‘you know a lot for being only 18! So it feels good.

So, why the building and construction industry? What drew you to it?

Haha well, I started playing The Sims (computer game) and I just kept building random pieces of a house. It was just fun to build and see how it ended up. And so I just started actually drawing up little sketches, so I could draw it in program on The Sims. I wasted a lot of time on it…but I got into it and decided it’s what I wanted to do!

Do you still play The Sims?

Yeah, when I get time!

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

Yeah I ice skate! When when Perth Ice Rink is in the city, I volunteer to help there. Its really fun teaching little kids how to do it.

And I do a lot of art.

So, you’re a creative person?

Yeah I am…

Well, that’s the answer to the next question, which is, what about your personality makes you suited to this job?

Well I also like thinking outside the box. And I also really love interior design.

At home we are renovating and building so I am helping my parents do all the sketches and design the house.

Last random questions because we saw the pink headphones on your desk, what music do you listen when you’re working?

It depends on how I am feeling or how much work I have. I listen to Jazz when I'm super busy and stressing out, that really relaxes me and helps me concentrate. Or listening to upbeat music sometimes makes me work quicker and get into it and helps me from getting distracted!