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Water Resources Engineer

Water resources engineering is a branch of civil engineering responsible for the planning, development and management of water resources. 

Water resources engineers often serve as consultants to the construction industry, and/or are involved in the design, construction and maintenance of key water supply, storage and treatment structures, such as WA's desalination plants. They also design and supervise the construction of water course management structures, such as canals and river control mechanisms.

In 1923 the Chief Engineer of the Water Supply Department, F J Lawson, recommended that three dams be built to combat Perth’s severe water shortages.  Churchman Brook dam was completed three years later under the supervision of Sir Russell Dumas.  Sir Russell was also responsible for the Canning Dam, completed in 1940 and Wungong Dam completed in 1978.

See Civil Engineer for further information.



On the job training


Accredited Certificate




Apprenticeship/Trade Certificate


Diploma/Advanced Diploma


Tertiary Degree



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