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Are you an organiser? Do you enjoy planning all the fine details for events, even shopping trips?  Do you get a buzz from making lists of things to do and ticking them off as they’re completed on time?

There are many stages involved in any construction project, from signing contracts, finalising plans and securing approvals, to site works, construction, installation, final clean and inspection before the occupants can take possession. This involves careful coordination to make sure materials are delivered when required and the various trades can start and complete their work at the right time in the building process.

Schedulers plan and arrange on-site project building work. They select and manage building and construction contractors and produce labour and material schedules to ensure the on-site construction process takes place in the prescribed time allowed for the job.

Suggested pathway into scheduling

  • Schools2Skills Certificate II in Construction Business

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On the job training


Accredited Certificate




Apprenticeship/Trade Certificate


Diploma/Advanced Diploma


Tertiary Degree



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