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Modern cities, towns and suburbs would be very, very unpleasant places without the knowledge and skills of the people who install our sewers and drainage systems

Working to plans, drainlayers lay and repair sewage and storm water drains, install and repair wastewater treatment systems, below ground sanitary systems and on-site disposal systems on construction sites.  Their job can involve inspecting drains, working out what’s wrong with them, and solving drainage and seepage problems.

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Close to 4000 years ago, about 1700BC, the Minoan Palace of Knossos on the island of Crete featured four separate drainage systems that emptied into the great sewers constructed of stone.


Suggested pathway into drainlaying

  • Schools2Skills Certificate II in Civil Construction







On the job training


Accredited Certificate




Apprenticeship/Trade Certificate


Diploma/Advanced Diploma


Tertiary Degree


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