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25 May 2017

Apprentice Spotlight - Zac Loftus

Zac Loftus is a first year Apprentice Electrician with RNM Electrical, currently working on the final stages of our new interactive centre in Belmont.

We recently had a chat with Zac to find out about his apprenticeship so far.

How far into your apprenticeship are you Zac?

Six months, so halfway through my first year.

What made you move into an electrical apprenticeship?

I did a Certificate II in Electrotechnology whilst I was still at school at Swan Trade Training Centre. It was either a trade or a university pathway focus and nothing appealed to me at university so I decided to start a trade.

How did you get your position with RNM Electrical?

Whilst completing my Certificate II at school, I had to do an element of work experience. I went and did this with RNM Electrical and once I completed school I applied for an apprenticeship and was accepted.

At the moment we're in the final stages of this project so we're installing down lights, switches and skirting ducts.

Why do you think a trade was a better option for you?

One appeal with a trade over university was being paid to learn and also having practical on the job experience whilst you complete your apprenticeship. It's definitely hard work but it's a better option for me.

What's your future career goals?

Definitely to qualify and then further down the track I want to complete further study and specialise in a particular area of electrotechnology.

We are lucky at RNM we have the opportunity to experience different types of electrical work throughout our apprenticeship which will help when I decide exactly which pathway to take once I qualify.

What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?

I really enjoy working on computers, I've just finished building one, it's a good challenge.

Thanks Zac!

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09 May 2017

WA Small Businesses

Did you know, the WA construction sector has the largest number of small businesses (5-19 staff) out of all Western Australian industries.

They represent 18.9% or 41,502 of businesses state wide.

Figures taken from

01 May 2017

Apprentice Spotlight - Ethan and Wyatt Combi

Ethan (left) Wyatt (right)


                             Ethan Combi                                                    Wyatt Combi

Ethan and Wyatt Combi are identical twin painting apprentices with DNA Painting & Decorating. We recently met them whilst they were working on our new interactive centre. We had a chat to find out more about their apprenticeships and what it's like working with your sibling!

How long have you been apprentices for?

Wyatt: We've just moved into the second year so one year down and two to go!

How did you get your apprenticeship?

Ethan: Dad's the boss! We tried quite a few different things before we decided that we actually really enjoyed painting and decorating. He wasn't keen on taking us on as apprentices to start with but we talked him around!

Wyatt: Yep, I started an apprenticeship as a mechanic and completed 2 years of that before deciding I'd rather do painting. We quite often worked with Dad in the holidays so we'd had chance to give it a try.  

Ethan: I started by doing a Certificate II in Bricklaying and won school based apprentice of the year which was awesome but also decided painting was what I wanted to do.

Tell me about your day to day duties on site:

Wyatt: A bit of everything really, preparing and sealing walls, cleaning up each day. We work on homes and commercial jobs like this one, it's a good variety.

Ethan: and painting of course!

Why did you enter the construction industry?

Ethan: Dad was a big influence and having his own business and the opportunity to do an apprenticeship with him is great.

Wyatt: It's also an industry you can travel with, I can take my trade anywhere, work and see the world!

What are your future career goals?

Wyatt: Definitely finish my apprenticeship

Ethan: I want to work my way up and take over the business from Dad one day

What is your favourite thing about the construction industry?

Ethan: You're not just a painter, you're always learning, working with other trades, you pick up other things as you go along.

Wyatt: It's an awesome industry to make friends and contacts that are always important for the future. You might work together again on another job and you already know each other.

What is the highlight of your career so far?

Ethan: Winning the apprentice of the year award was pretty awesome

Wyatt: Finding a career we really enjoy is one of the best things.

What's your favourite hobbies outside of work?

Wyatt: Fishing and camping

Ethan: Yeh and 4x4'ing and playing football.

Finally - the important question, who is older?

Ethan: Me!

Wyatt: Yeh he's the older one, not by much though!

Thanks Ethan and Wyatt, good luck with your apprenticeships.

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