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About the Industry

Western Australia's construction industry is big, with billions of dollars invested in the building of houses and infrastructure each year.

And the industry is big on employment and training. As at February 2016, more than 143,000 people were employed across the industry and more than $31m of the industry’s own funds were invested in training to helping its workers develop the skills they need to further their careers.

The construction industry is big on variety too, with more than 130 different occupations on offer across the civil, housing and commercial sectors of the industry.

And no limits to the opportunities available!

You can get a great start to a satisfying and rewarding career in WA's biggest industry. Most construction industry employees started their career with a trade, and many have become leaders in their field through supervision and management roles. Some have become WA’s most successful and influential business people.

The construction industry continues as a major employer in WA with significant infrastructure and residential projects underway and planned well into the future. This means that skilled workers will be in demand for years to come. If you’re someone with the right qualifications and skills, you can develop a rewarding career in construction. Become a part of the one industry with no limits.

Be part of something big.

Big on variety. Big on satisfaction. Big on rewards.